Sunday, March 30, 2008

Late Easter Pictures

I just uploaded these to my computer and figured I would put a few on here. These are of the twins and my sister and I. The weather here did not agree with their spring dresses, alas the heavy coats. They had fun with the Easter egg hunt that Aunt Colleen had and could not finish before eating some chocolate! Aunt Colleen fed them chocolate at a very early age, it's all her fault they love candy!

Back to Business on Monday!

Well, my spring break is officailly over today. I'll be glad to get back to school, I'm getting closer to my goal of entering nursing school. April is the month they will send letters to applicants to tell us if we are accepted or not for the fall of 2008.

My fingers are crossed. My grades are ok, although I got a C+ in my Microbiology class for mid-term. The proffessor said to ignore it because I was not able to take the mid-term exam (sick kids) it was not used for the calculation, a big fat zero was used in place of the 78 I got on the exam.

I have been knitting some socks from "2 at a Time Socks" with some Lorna's Lace yarn in a colorway I can't remember right now. The pattern is Belle Epoque, I think the colorway is Somerset. It's a fairly easy mock cable pattern with a repeat of 8 rows. I'm not happy with the Knit Picks needles though, they have a kink in the join on one side, I have to contact them regarding this. I have like 5 other pairs and have not had trouble with any others. I still have to figure out this blogging thing, as far as photo upload and placement, so bear with me as I learn!