Monday, January 25, 2010

Time to get motivated....

Last Thursday was my first class of the spring semester and basically this is where we pull it all together for the next year and a half. It is medical-surgical nursing, the first half is medical and then surgical next. We have to do a clinical observation for each, the first is in a few weeks and we get to choose from a group of observational experiences, I am going to choose Oncology Nursing. It should be interesting there at the cancer treatment center in the hospital.
The clinical weekend was this past weekend and was very tiring. We spent all day at the school doing injections and insulin dosage, secondary IV dosing and administration, PICC lines and central line dressings and changes. We had a math quiz which if we did not get over an 80% accuracy, we cannot give meds at our next clinical-I got a 100%.
We had to give each other a subcutaneous injection, I have done shots for myself for about 7 years so I have a bit of practice thank God. So I didn't hurt my partner. She did fine also as did everyone else. No IM shots were practiced on "real" people, we used injection pads for practice, but it feels like real flesh will feel when we do them on a live person.
We also had to do MAK computer training, which is a computerized medication administration with a built in safety feature where the nurse scans her ID badge and it has a barcode, then the medication and finally the patient ID barcode-three checks for accuracy. It's a nice idea and makes passing meds loads more stress-free because the chance for errors if followed correctly, and how can't you! is zero!
I was tired though, it's a long weekend for me, DH and the girls. When I got home both days, they were so talkative and jumped/hung/followed me around until I told them to help me clean up the huge mess they/DH made.
I had a chance to take some photos of the cowls I have finished over our semester break. I have all the details on Ravelry on my projects page.
The blue is done with lace yarn, the black/purple is overdyed sock yarn and the last is peruevian/silk in a gorgeous shade of purple.