Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a weekend!

What a weekend! DH told me I needed new brakes on my car, he does our work for us, the easy stuff I guess. Well he started this morning after I got home from work, about 8am, he just got done at around 2;30pm! He ended up having to use a hammer to remove the rotor, which holds the brake thingy to the wheel thingy, not a good thing! It was so rusty, I have a trail of rust in my driveway. It was raining, to top off a great brake job, heavily as he had the whole front end of the car off! He rotated the tires while the tires were off, he likes to do a thorough job, good thing right?
So, of course I only got a few hours of sleep. I could hear the pounding through my ear plugs! I woke up to the banging & thought I was going blind 'cause my eye mask was caught around my head (think tournaquit here!). The children were so quiet that I thought maybe Grammy came to take them to play with her.
I have been enjoying the giveaways. I entered all of them, I think, over the course of 3 days! Whew! Lots of great blogs to puruse now, love all the crafty folks!
Early to bed tonight, hope I can sleep! Plan on catching up on the Goddess Anniversary Mystery KAl, clue 3 came out on Saturday & I am still doing clue 2, almokst done though!
Have a great week!
PS. I found this delicious looking dish, recipie included, while blog stalking! Yummy!
Enter this super giveaway for a great blog! Here

cute stuff here...........

What a cute quilt, hope I win this! Super cute blog also, check it out!

Holy smokes!

Can you get over the giveaways! Love looking at all the new blogs also.
Here is one

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I came upon a blog contest & am blogging about it here, lots of lovely items just follow the link on this blog

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Just browsing.............

I have the day off today- I know, you say I don't work right? So, today Grammy picked up the girls to spend the day at her house, this is technically a day off for me.

So anywho, I like to browse around the web & came across a blog contest, for a nice book, I love books. I have to post about it here, so here I am........posting..........linking..........
I don't know how to link with just 1 word the way I see others do it, maybe someone can help me.
Now, off to browse...................

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Goddess Knits Anniversary KAL

I joined this KAL a few weeks ago & it has started this Saturday. I am using 10/2 bamboo from WEBS in a gorgeous teal color, the yarn is doubled, it is verrry soft & slippery. I had to start a few times because I worked on Saturday night & started it on Sunday after about 4 hours of sleep. I frogged it today & re-started, hopefully I will like it this time. I am using size 5 needles.
I will post a photo later, in the sun..........

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am hoping that spring/summer has finally come to us in upstate NY. I know we had a whole day of rain today, but feel confident about some nice weather coming up soon.
I am anxiously awaiting for registration at school for the fall semester, I am asuming they will send a letter about when we can do it. I talked to the financial aid person who said not to worry about getting the loan applications in right away, it is done a few weeks before the semester starts & I can defer tuition costs until I get approved. I am told I will need to have $750 for books & $150 for uniform upon ordering though, so that will have to be saved as I work a few days a week over the summer. Hope Grammy will watch the girls a few times, babysitters are hard to find around here.
As for knitting, I am working on a few things & waiting to start a few others. I am almost done with 2 Summerlin tanks, they are really like a top to which you sew a bottom/dress to. I made one in a green/blue/natural with a white print skirt and I made one in a pink cotton with a yellow print with small roses on it.
I am slowly finishing Mystic Roses KAL, which is getting a bit tedious for me. It has cables in it, I have never done them before & I am slow at it. It is turning out to be a gorgeous shawl though, I used a cashmerino from Colurmart, 2-ply in a nice bright pink.
I am loving knitting Gail/Nightsong, a pattern available on Ravelry. I am only starting out but a nice knit that goes along easily.
As of Saturday I will start a KAL for the Goddess Anniversary Shawl. I was looking through some of the finished shawls before signing up & they were just amazing! Really, look at them on Ravelry.
I am so tired from the dreary day we had, I'm ready for bed! I have all this free time while the girlies are in bed & I have to wake up so I can do something!!! Time to grab a cup of Gevalia's irish cream blend..................Have a good day!