Thursday, May 14, 2009


I am hoping that spring/summer has finally come to us in upstate NY. I know we had a whole day of rain today, but feel confident about some nice weather coming up soon.
I am anxiously awaiting for registration at school for the fall semester, I am asuming they will send a letter about when we can do it. I talked to the financial aid person who said not to worry about getting the loan applications in right away, it is done a few weeks before the semester starts & I can defer tuition costs until I get approved. I am told I will need to have $750 for books & $150 for uniform upon ordering though, so that will have to be saved as I work a few days a week over the summer. Hope Grammy will watch the girls a few times, babysitters are hard to find around here.
As for knitting, I am working on a few things & waiting to start a few others. I am almost done with 2 Summerlin tanks, they are really like a top to which you sew a bottom/dress to. I made one in a green/blue/natural with a white print skirt and I made one in a pink cotton with a yellow print with small roses on it.
I am slowly finishing Mystic Roses KAL, which is getting a bit tedious for me. It has cables in it, I have never done them before & I am slow at it. It is turning out to be a gorgeous shawl though, I used a cashmerino from Colurmart, 2-ply in a nice bright pink.
I am loving knitting Gail/Nightsong, a pattern available on Ravelry. I am only starting out but a nice knit that goes along easily.
As of Saturday I will start a KAL for the Goddess Anniversary Shawl. I was looking through some of the finished shawls before signing up & they were just amazing! Really, look at them on Ravelry.
I am so tired from the dreary day we had, I'm ready for bed! I have all this free time while the girlies are in bed & I have to wake up so I can do something!!! Time to grab a cup of Gevalia's irish cream blend..................Have a good day!

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