Monday, January 25, 2010

Time to get motivated....

Last Thursday was my first class of the spring semester and basically this is where we pull it all together for the next year and a half. It is medical-surgical nursing, the first half is medical and then surgical next. We have to do a clinical observation for each, the first is in a few weeks and we get to choose from a group of observational experiences, I am going to choose Oncology Nursing. It should be interesting there at the cancer treatment center in the hospital.
The clinical weekend was this past weekend and was very tiring. We spent all day at the school doing injections and insulin dosage, secondary IV dosing and administration, PICC lines and central line dressings and changes. We had a math quiz which if we did not get over an 80% accuracy, we cannot give meds at our next clinical-I got a 100%.
We had to give each other a subcutaneous injection, I have done shots for myself for about 7 years so I have a bit of practice thank God. So I didn't hurt my partner. She did fine also as did everyone else. No IM shots were practiced on "real" people, we used injection pads for practice, but it feels like real flesh will feel when we do them on a live person.
We also had to do MAK computer training, which is a computerized medication administration with a built in safety feature where the nurse scans her ID badge and it has a barcode, then the medication and finally the patient ID barcode-three checks for accuracy. It's a nice idea and makes passing meds loads more stress-free because the chance for errors if followed correctly, and how can't you! is zero!
I was tired though, it's a long weekend for me, DH and the girls. When I got home both days, they were so talkative and jumped/hung/followed me around until I told them to help me clean up the huge mess they/DH made.
I had a chance to take some photos of the cowls I have finished over our semester break. I have all the details on Ravelry on my projects page.
The blue is done with lace yarn, the black/purple is overdyed sock yarn and the last is peruevian/silk in a gorgeous shade of purple.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Growing Up....

Although I love that the girls go to school for 3 hours and 20 glorious minutes every day, it gets kind of monotanous after a while; for me anyway. Today was another busy morning and after I made sure the girls were properly dressed (wearing panties and socks) I proceded to brush my teeth and fix my hair so I could drive them to school and not scare their classmates upon arrival. As I am doing this, Shelby comes in and says "Mommy, I couldn't tie my shoes like Daddy told me so I did it the way you do it". I look down and she has her sneakers on and one is tied! I said "Okay, let me see you do the other one". So she did. I almost cried I was so proud, I told her I was proud of her and we called Daddy to tell him. Of course I had to tell her teachers at school and Miss E said her 8 year old son still can't tie his shoes, I was even more proud then!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and it's been nice since I have not had school or clinicals in almost 2 weeks. We have a math test and some computer training to do this week, lecture and then next week we have review class, an oral presentation and next we have a final exam.
We saw the holiday train on Sunday, the girls loved it and we spent time with my sisters and brother and some close friends. Great start to the week, or end of it..........whatever.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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Sunday, November 8, 2009

I've been a bad ba.d blogger....

I know it's been a while since I have posted here, I am sorry for that. I don't know if anyone reads this or not but sorry.
This summer was very busy as DH had knee surgery, simple surgery that turned out not so much. He hurt his knee at work back in March and finally gave into the pain and went to see a doctor about it, this was in June. They found a mass near his kneecap which needed to be removed pretty quickly 'cause hubs was having troubles, he would bend his knee and sometimes it would not straighten back. The opposite was also true. So off to surgery he went and I figured it would be in and out, wrongo! The physician said it would take roughly an hour to do what he needed to do, add the other stuff they do while you are on the table and thats another hour. Well, 3 1/2 hours later he still had not surfaced from behind the doors and myself & the girls had had enough sitting and waiting (I told the nurse we would wait since I figured a few hours) We had lunch, walked around outside watched some tv...........
Finally about 4 hours later after I harrassed the nurses some so they would do and investigation, he came out of the recovery room and back to the day surgery part of the hospital. He did really well and went for a check after 6 weeks. Then he went to the appointment thinking he would be going back to work the next week or so/ When he got home I knew something was wrong then he showed me some pictures of the mass which was larger by the time they got to it, not good. Then he says it had to be put back, well a small part of it had to be. He tore away part of his kneecap along with some cartiledge andit was sent to Boston for another biopsy and to grow it from his own stem cells. Cool.
Well as it turned out his knee healed just fine without the new bone, he went back to work and is just fine!
I started my registered nurse program in September, I love it so far and am doing really well.
The girls started preschool also and they go for 3 hours and 20 glorious minutes Monday through Friday! Some smart Momma invented preschool so we could get some work done during the day!
Lots of knitting progress also. Maybe tomorrow I will post a couple photos.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a weekend!

What a weekend! DH told me I needed new brakes on my car, he does our work for us, the easy stuff I guess. Well he started this morning after I got home from work, about 8am, he just got done at around 2;30pm! He ended up having to use a hammer to remove the rotor, which holds the brake thingy to the wheel thingy, not a good thing! It was so rusty, I have a trail of rust in my driveway. It was raining, to top off a great brake job, heavily as he had the whole front end of the car off! He rotated the tires while the tires were off, he likes to do a thorough job, good thing right?
So, of course I only got a few hours of sleep. I could hear the pounding through my ear plugs! I woke up to the banging & thought I was going blind 'cause my eye mask was caught around my head (think tournaquit here!). The children were so quiet that I thought maybe Grammy came to take them to play with her.
I have been enjoying the giveaways. I entered all of them, I think, over the course of 3 days! Whew! Lots of great blogs to puruse now, love all the crafty folks!
Early to bed tonight, hope I can sleep! Plan on catching up on the Goddess Anniversary Mystery KAl, clue 3 came out on Saturday & I am still doing clue 2, almokst done though!
Have a great week!
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