Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Growing Up....

Although I love that the girls go to school for 3 hours and 20 glorious minutes every day, it gets kind of monotanous after a while; for me anyway. Today was another busy morning and after I made sure the girls were properly dressed (wearing panties and socks) I proceded to brush my teeth and fix my hair so I could drive them to school and not scare their classmates upon arrival. As I am doing this, Shelby comes in and says "Mommy, I couldn't tie my shoes like Daddy told me so I did it the way you do it". I look down and she has her sneakers on and one is tied! I said "Okay, let me see you do the other one". So she did. I almost cried I was so proud, I told her I was proud of her and we called Daddy to tell him. Of course I had to tell her teachers at school and Miss E said her 8 year old son still can't tie his shoes, I was even more proud then!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and it's been nice since I have not had school or clinicals in almost 2 weeks. We have a math test and some computer training to do this week, lecture and then next week we have review class, an oral presentation and next we have a final exam.
We saw the holiday train on Sunday, the girls loved it and we spent time with my sisters and brother and some close friends. Great start to the week, or end of it..........whatever.

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