Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I think that spring is finally here in New York state. After a very long & dreary winter, so cold & windy this year,snowstorm after snowstorm, ice & everything I hate about winter & cold, spring is finally on the horizon!
I am happy to say that I am almost done with clue 1 of Mystic Roses KAL, it looks good although I see a few "boo-boos" I made on the one side. When I am done with clue 1 I will post a photo, my camera battery is in need of a charge & I don't remember where the charger is.
I am awaiting some yarn from WEBS for the Nightsong pattern shawl KAL on Ravelry. I ordered some Ranco Multi in the colorway Peacock (304) for this. It is a fingering weight yarn & should make a nice shawl.
DH & I made the decision to send the girls to public school next year, it was one we really did not want to make, but $$$ is a big factor. Since I am returning to school next year & the tuition for their school is about $4000 & mine is almost $5000, it kind of came down to this. Our public school is a magnet school has a lot to offer, we just wanted them to have the more Christian education than most kids get these days. We plan on moving after I am done with school, so they would be changing school was a difficult one to make.
I recently made an order with I paid on April 2nd & still did not have it on the 20th. I emailed them on the 15th & according to the packing slip, that is when the order was packed. The yarn is lovely though. I get annoyed when I send emails & noone responds, especially when it comes to things I purchase. Oh, well, I guess they are done with my business.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Been a Long Time!

I have been neglecting this for so long, I am ashamed of myself! I love to read other people's blogs & have to concentrate now.
Well, I am officially accepted to nursing school for the fall of 2009! Yeah me! I am very excited to say the least.
Now, how to pay for it! It is steep, about $10,000 for the 2 years. It is the evening division, I go for class on Thursday from 6-10 or 11 pm, then we have clinical every other weekend from 7-4pm. It goes all year, there is a short break during the first summer, but it is in August. I won't graduate until October of 2011, it's 20 weeks longer than the traditional day courses. The girls will be going half-day to preschool in the fall, 2 1/2 hours a day, 5 days. I don't think I want to pay the extra to send them all day, it is already going to be $1740 PER child! I hate living in New York sometimes because of the school systems idea of education. Top that off that I am a 5 minute walk to the public school they would go to, but in 2010 they are making it a magnet school & will have to have a lottery for where they would go. Since they are twins, I want them to go to the same school, same class- I don't think they would do as well if separated.
Lots of knitting here.......nothing to show you right now though (I am neglectful in taking photos also!)