Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a weekend!

What a weekend! DH told me I needed new brakes on my car, he does our work for us, the easy stuff I guess. Well he started this morning after I got home from work, about 8am, he just got done at around 2;30pm! He ended up having to use a hammer to remove the rotor, which holds the brake thingy to the wheel thingy, not a good thing! It was so rusty, I have a trail of rust in my driveway. It was raining, to top off a great brake job, heavily as he had the whole front end of the car off! He rotated the tires while the tires were off, he likes to do a thorough job, good thing right?
So, of course I only got a few hours of sleep. I could hear the pounding through my ear plugs! I woke up to the banging & thought I was going blind 'cause my eye mask was caught around my head (think tournaquit here!). The children were so quiet that I thought maybe Grammy came to take them to play with her.
I have been enjoying the giveaways. I entered all of them, I think, over the course of 3 days! Whew! Lots of great blogs to puruse now, love all the crafty folks!
Early to bed tonight, hope I can sleep! Plan on catching up on the Goddess Anniversary Mystery KAl, clue 3 came out on Saturday & I am still doing clue 2, almokst done though!
Have a great week!
PS. I found this delicious looking dish, recipie included, while blog stalking! Yummy!

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