Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Is it summer yet???

We have had so much rain lately I can't say for sure if it is summer or not! Today it is cloudy but it has not rained yet, I say yet because we are going to have rain at some point today. My garden is getting sick of it too, the leaves on most of my plants are yellow, which means too much water. The twins are driving me nuts since we cannot get outside for any length of time, we can't go far from the house either since we have had some "pop-up" thunder storms.
I have been knitting every night after the girls go to bed. I am still working on the Slow-Bee mystery shawl, I'm up to clue 4. I have 4 more rows of it and I can start on the next one, I am 3 clues behind, not bad.
Slow-bee 2 started last Friday also, I have done the cast on, and started clue 1, but not much on that. I am using a terra cotta colored 100% silk yarn, from Colourmart, they wound it up to 4-ply for me and it's working really nice. I will post a couple photos of each when I get more done of the 2.

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Knit and fall back in it said...

I hope your weather lets up so that your babies can go outside to play.