Monday, April 7, 2008

How can I sweat so badly when it's freezing out???????????

OK, let's see here..........big A & P II exam today=getting up at 3am to study=lots of coffee & a headache
This exam (25% of final grade) is on the Immune system, Lymphatic system and the Respiratory system. How we take our immune system for granted, trust me it does a ton of work, every second of every day, it works to protect us. It is a very complicated process, I won't get into it. (you're welcome!) I am pretty set with the respiratory & lymphatic system, so my focus is on the immune system. My mind is spinning..............
Wish me luck today, pray to whatever you believe in at about 9 this morning & I'll be forever greatful!
As I was taking a break from my studies, I came across this
what an honor! She is taking it very humbly, is that a word? What an honor though, she is worthy of it to say the least! Lorna's Lace's should have a complete colorway with others who make the knitting world a better place, maybe adding some designers and others and naming a colorway for them to. It could be like a limited edition line of yarns..............hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Off to study, I'll post later about the difficulty of the exam.

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