Thursday, April 10, 2008

Still waiting..........

What is the worst thing you could do to someone who hates waiting? Tell them they only have to wait one more day, when it isn't true! I am waiting for the school to send acceptance/denial letters which they said were sent on Friday and Monday. It takes 1-2 days for mail to come from where it was mailed. I still have nothing in my hand!!! Hopefully it will come today, otherwise I may have to break into the post office and hunt it down tonight after class. The suspense is literally killing me!
In other business, my exam went well on Monday, what I studied was exactly what was on the test. It was just a matter of getting the stuff out of my head and in the right order.
We had a practical exam in A & P II lab on Wednesday, that went well also. It was 24 questions that we had to identify parts of the digestive and respiratory system, then 26 questions about the chemical part of digestion and respiration. I think I did well.
My Statistics test went well also, that was on Wednesday afternoon. The proffessor is wonderful, he goes over what will be on the test and then the next class we have the test. Straight forward and he lets us bring a sheet with the formulas on it. Nice.
Everyone here is suffering from allergies. My nose is killing me, it feels like someone poked me inside it, ouch! My poor daughters both are congested and running at the same time, they lay down to sleep at night and can't breathe.
Knitting has been put off by my busy life this week. Tonight I have a quiz on the Innate Immune System in Microbiology, then lecture for 3 hours on the Adaptive Immune System............zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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