Thursday, April 3, 2008


I've always disliked waiting, currently I am waiting............. One thing I'm waiting for is SPRING- the other is my letter from the nursing school I applied to. So, I am a stressed person this week.
The photo is of an unknown bird.....I can't tell you what it is. Only that there are 3 or 4 swimming in the creek behind our house and DH took this to find out what kind of bird it was.

This has been an interesting week in New York state, to say the least! Tuesday we had an absolutely glorious day, it was 64 degrees! The girls went outside without a coat for the first time in what seems like forever. The air was so nice and fresh, we were out most of the day. Tuesday night I have Microbiology class from 6-9pm, I leave the house at 5pm so I can have time to study before class because we have a quiz every week on the material from the week before, since we had spring break & no class last week I needed extra time to remember it. Anyway, when we got out of class at 9pm, it was about 25 degrees and it was pouring rain! In addition to that it was windy, the kind of wind that blows my gas-guzzleing (sp) SUV as I'm driving.

Wednesday, we had more of the wind and cold, it never got over 40 degrees. It felt like 20 with the gusty wind, blechh! Today it is forecast to be 50-55 degrees, windy but sunny. Tommorrow it will snow, if the trend continues..........

I'm still waiting to hear about nursing school, not patiently either. I check the mail daily as soon as we pull in the driveway, I don't even get the kids out of their carseats until I check it. Bad mommy, I know. But I was told at the school that letters go out sometime in April, and it's the third day! I have been praying that I do get accepted. I want to help out my DH financially with a decent job. He has been the only worker since the girls were born, with the price of daycare here in NY, it made no sense for me to work. He pays for my tuition and for daycare, the later is the real expense. Most of the mothers at the daycare get a scholarship, which pays for the cost of daycare, but it is based on income. DH makes too much money. So, we have to pay $230 per week for them to go, 6 hours on 3 days and 2 hours on 2 days, that's about 22 hours per week. Not cheap! But I feel you get what you pay for and I won't skimp on care for my loves!

I have a test in A&P II on Monday. It covers only 3 chapters, Immunity, Lymphatic system, and Respiratory system. I hope to do well, since the last test I only got a 73. The proffessor has been fairly nice this semester, she was the instructor for A&P I which I took in the fall.
Between the A&P II, and the Microbiology classes, I can't decide which is harder. I am happy I took an "easy A" class this semester. I take Statistics, which because I am good at math and formulas, is very easy for me.

No knitting for me this week as of yet. I hope to get going on the heel of my socks this week, I want to get them done by next week.

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