Monday, April 28, 2008

I've had enough!!!!

As I have said in previous posts, we are on the hot run for the end of the semester at school. Since I am taking courses that I will need for nursing school, we have to finish certain chapters. (Sorry, Mrs So & So I never read about the urinary system.......)(-not acceptabe!)
We had a test on the Digestive, and Metabolism, including the Kreb's cycle and glycolosis........not fun and definately not easy to learn. I think I did ok.
I was going to take some photos of my tulips in bloom, but with the rain here I don't think that will happen.
MIL called and told us DH's uncle got his stimulus check already! I can't wait for ours! Stimulate the economy and don't pay bills with it, that's what someone said the government is saying. How 'bout pay those bills before I stimulate the ecomony by becoming below-poverty level! What gall, give us back "our" money, then tell us how to use it! Gotta love it!
I entered a contest last week at hissyknit, her Twilight zone moments crack me up. Well, she sent an email telling me I won! I never won anything in my whole 40 years! I could cry!
Hope to post some tulip photos from my yard this week.

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