Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Day to Relax

Sorry I have not been able to write here in a while, things are busy, but today I am just relaxing. My MIL has the twins, she is actually keeping them for 2 days, I can't get over it. They are almost 3 1/2 and she has only taken them one other time, I had to go pick them up because they would not stay, that was about a year ago. According to Grammie, they are having a good time and asked to stay again, so being the wonderful DIL I am, I am letting her. I miss them terrible, both DH & I were bored last night. It was so quiet & strange without them.
I got my grades from school and did OK. I ended up with a 3.49 GPA, not bad for a 40 year old mother with toddler twins, huh? I am happy. Now I just have to wait until the fall of 2009 to go for the final 2 years of nursing school.

We had a nice weekend here in New York, nice weather and just a nice relaxing time. The girls enjoyed going out to a friends, we had a picnic and then a fire after dark. We watched the stars and listened to all the night noises, crickets & those little peeper bugs.

We went to the Memorial Day parade on Monday, it is one of the few remaining parades in our area that has its parade on Monday, instead of Saturday like most others. They hold a nice ceremony honoring our soldiers & others who have passed, at the cemetary where my parents are buried. My friend was at the parade with her twins and they went to the cemetary afterwards with us. I miss my parents on these days and wish they could see how beautiful their grandchildren are, spend time with them & enjoy them. My parents were wonderful people, great parents and wonderful grandparents to my sisters children. They both loved kids and nothing was more important to them. I try to be the same way with my kids, I had good role models.
Today I am going to work on my shawl. I am doing the Slow-Bee Mystery KAL, and though we are up to clue 3, I am still on the first one. I had a problem & frogged it after completing the first clue, it was not lining up right. I ordered some yarn for the Slow-Bee 2 which is starting in a few weeks.

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