Monday, May 12, 2008

Do Bad Things Really Come In Multiples of 3?

OK, this may be a long bear with me please!
Saturday started off as a usual day, DH was no where to be found as the twins were waking me up at 7am. They had destroyed their bedroom, clothes out of the dresser, shoes everywhere; this is a normal occurance, since DH won't put a lock on the dresser/closet.
We did our usual, had coffee and the kids ate me out of house and home. They dumped a box of cereal on the floor while I snuck off to smoke, the dog (our 30 pound pug) was consuming it as I came inside. DH was outside working on our roof, a project started long ago and yet to be completed.
The day proceeded to be a normal one until........................"hon, I shot my thumb with the nail gun.......can you get me a towel?" Yes, you can read the above line again but it will still say "hon, I shot my thumb with the nail gun.......can you get me a towel?"
To my dismay, DH did in fact shoot a nail from the nail gun into his outer thumb, right next to the bone........he of course did like any other American male would do..........he pulled it out. (yes, blood does shoot just like the cartoons show.........straight up like a fountain and pulsing like your heart beat).
He continued to work on our roof, (yes, he is a tough guy.........he had 12 staples put in his head a long time ago without (yup, without) any type of pain killer)..."just shoot them in there".
Anyhoo, about three hours later he claims he should go get this wound looked at by a medical professional. Off to the urgent care center we go. All is well until the DR. comes over and asks if he had injured this thumb before. Well, yes, he says..........same thing, nail shot with gun...........why? "Well, it looks like there is a foreign body in your hand". "Oh, yeah?" "That's right, the nails are wrapped in wire" says DH "Ok, well that is still there" "It needs to be surgically removed" says DR. So, he gets loaded up with an antibiotic and sent home since no one will do it on a Saturday and he can wait until Monday to have it done. So, DH is on the way to see a hand surgeon and see what the next step will be-remove or leave it alone. I hope it will be left alone, he is the only one who works and we don't have disability insurance (although I am checking with our home owners policy for clairification).
I had a final exam in Statistics today, no I did not have much time to study. (He drops our lowest grade, thank God)
Hope you had a great Mother's Day, I slept all day, while DH took the twins to Grammies house.

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Knit and fall back in it said...

I don't understand men. They are just some sort of freak, that's all there is to it.

I hope this situation is resolved as quickly and simply as possible.